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Make sure you register and download your packet. It will have a Camp Sunshine Guide to help you find your way around. You can explore by hovering over the cabins, trailers, etc.

Each cabin, camper, Teepee, telescopes, bike, campfire, on the website map represents a resource or location you can explore using your computer/laptop.

Be sure to check out all the buildings and locations so you can experience the full Camp experience! 

For packet Click Here (link will go live 7/24. So check back then)

Message from Sister Freeman




President Thomas S. Monson

Remember as you “go & do”… every thought, every act is creating the person you are becoming. So how do you create confidently? Boldly? By looking in the direction of the sun…(Son).

I welcome you to Sunshine Camp. Yes, I agree that a virtual camp is not as wonderful as being physically in camp with each other; but, we are making history.

No one has ever done this before in our stake…you are the first. You are the trailblazers…the ones who are venturing out first into this “new change”. You are the pioneers of this century…literally. And you are the one who can make it the BEST!

We will have things here for you to learn, but most of all we want you to have fun and create ways to connect with each other.

*Reach out by acknowledging each other on the site. Send messages by voice or text with the app that I provide for you to fellow campers.

*Each ward has a camp trailer. So, stop by and see what each other is doing as you share your projects.

*Let your imagination run wild as you create a skit for Campfire Night.

*Do you like scavenger hunts? Make sure you join our virtual one.

Above all my wish for you is to deepen your understanding that God, our Father loves you very, very much.

And just like this virtual camp where we want to make it a fun experience…there will be challenges to figure out and overcome…as will your journey on Earth be also. Know this… our love is constant for you and so is the love of your Father in Heaven. Some days it will be hard to believe that…but remember my voice telling you it is true!

He has provided each of us with a wonderful place to gather and learn together. We each will have challenges to overcome…but through it all, God’s LOVE is constant…no matter what.

You and I do not need to earn it or be something different to receive it.

If I could leave you with one thought from our time together, that would be that no matter the struggles you may feel right now, you are precious. Precious to me and precious to Him.

I know the thoughts we say in our mind directs our actions; so say this theme every day of your life to yourself. You are worth taking the time to do that!

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Thinking about these words will help you follow Him and clear the fog of who you really are. And that you have always, and will always be loved, as you go on with your life creating yourself.