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Welcome to this cabin. I am Cathy Freeman, owner of Real Positive Change.

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Get the Words out – You have a story to tell, so be an Everyday Explorer and set some time to journal

Challenge – Journal

I created this journaling process – Cre8 Reminders© to help me quickly shift negative thinking.

Below is an example of a finished journal page.

Thoughts, like habits, become automatic once they settle into our subconscious. Take for example getting dressed in the morning, you do not stop to think which pant leg you will put on first. No, you just do it automatically. The same with eating, driving and other activities that have become part of your subconscious thinking. All of these activities are second nature to us because they have become programmed in the mind. So is the same of our attitudes and thoughts. 

Studies suggest that more than 75% of our daily activities are regulated by the subconscious mind.

A thought that is repeatedly focus on over and over soon becomes a habit. Advantageous is the conscious practice of determining whether one’s thought habits are producing success, and a positive outcome. Everyone wants to be successful; however, only those individuals who plan for success and then consistently follow through with their plan, ever see success.

Successful planning is a 2 part process

  1. Create the vision and the action steps required to obtain your goal.
  2. Be diligent about creating positive, supportive thoughts

An occasional moment of worry is not foreign to even the successful. However, allowing yourself to constantly worry is what creates an unproductive, “habit of worry“.  Work with your thoughts to STOP that habit.

Do you have this habit? Those who find themselves stuck and unable to find a solution when situations become troublesome or negative are coming from a level of worry or a similar negative thought. 

Your Challenge:

Create Your own Positive, Power statement.

Think of what is troubling your mind…something that you have been worried about. (Not sure what thoughts to focus on? Here is a free download to help.) Once you have determined the negative thoughts or emotions, think of what would be the opposite. You are looking for statements that would be positive for what you have been thinking. Put your statement into your journal.

A simple way to keep track of what thoughts dominate your mind throughout the day. Click here to download for free.

I added Music to this Cre8 Reminder© to help the mind anchor more on the thoughts.

The mind accepts words put to music, making it easier to remember what has been said. Think of your favorite song. The minute the music starts to that song…memories come flooding back in.

Your Challenge:

Journal a positive statement that speaks to you…adds energy to your soul. Next, add music to it by playing the music in the background as you recite the positive statement into your phone recorder or some other recording device.

Have you ever wondered why are certain words more powerful to us…they take on a strong meaning?

The Law of Vibration states, that the world around us is in constant motion and everything vibrates on its own frequency.

If we want to listen to music on a radio, we must “tune in” to the station. There are numerous frequencies from which to choose from, but eventually we find the right station playing the music we most enjoy, and we settle in to listen.

Now think about our English language. There are too many words to count. Each has a unique meaning. To express our self, we seek the right grouping of words to communicate and get our thoughts and ideas out to others.

Words, like music, have a frequency, and will impact the mind’s ability to think clearly. The ability to think of a solution logically will depend on the level, or frequency of the words that the mind is pondering.

Negative words carry a low frequency and tend to trap the mind in a looping process of wanting to find a solution.

Positive words carry a high frequency that allow the thought process to move forward, giving a listening ear to promptings and greater ability to reason out a solution.

When you add something visual to your statements… the mind now has an anchor in which to remember easier what you are saying to yourself. The more often you look at the picture, you begin to associate the picture with the statement. Eventually, all you have to do is think about the image and the same feelings that you felt as you read the words come back to you.

Examples from students using the Cre8 Reminders© process and adding a visual element to the page.

Your Challenge:

Take your positive statement and add some type of visual element to it. Not sure what to do? Then keep it simple by adding some stickers or a picture that you cut out of a magazine, etc. Find what grabs your attention visually and add it to the statement.

Cre8 Reminders© is my favorite recipe for letting-go of tough emotions.

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