Jeri Franz …the gift of writing.

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When people talk about being creative, images of paint, scissors, and paper begin rolling through the mind and some individuals back away saying to themselves, “I’m not creative”.

Creativity is so much more, and Jeri is here to share her thoughts and ideas. She loves to write and express through poetry, muses, and other forms of writing. Take a listen to what she does daily to keep her thoughts and emotions in alignment. (The other video she is referring to in this video is from the “Fall Event” which can be found in the B-Fit Camper)

Thank you Jeri for the comments about my Cre8 Reminders program. (I didn’t ask her to do that.) We both know that getting the mind directed into a positive thought pattern takes conscious effort and is a must for a person to be mentally prepared for the day.

Here is a few samples of Cre8 Reminders that I have written up

It is easy to become discouraged, or even feel out of sync by a simple encounter with a negative person. When you are lacking information or direction it’s easy to create confusion. Jeri addresses how her writing has helped her to gain mental clarity, thus helping her to feel emotionally equipped to take on the new day.

I believe that when we give recognition to feelings of grief….we are in essence turning ashes into something that can bring new life.

Jeri has a blog, The Rhythm of Life. There she records her musings and poems that have meaning to her.

Recently she wrote this… “I woke up yesterday morning and had the thought to write a poem about my sister Becki who would be 66 years old today, October 12. The rhymes wouldn’t flow, so I just wrote my feelings instead and ended up with this little description of a sister I love dearly and miss. I went ahead and just shared it on my blog with a couple of pictures and thought that those of you who knew and loved Becki (to know her was to love her) might enjoy reading it as well, so here’s my offering. Happy Birthday sweet Becky!

October twelfth was a celebratory day in our family. It wasn’t because of 1492 and Columbus sailing the ocean blue even though that meant we got out of school that day. Rather it was because three young girls welcomed their little sister Rebecca Lynn “Becky” into the world with great excitement. How we loved and adored her! Our mother wrapped her in a yellow blanket and I can remember lying next to her on our parents’ big bed and delighting in her little gurgling baby sounds. She had the blondest hair and sweetest face and a disposition to match; no one had ever dare mistreat her when her sisters were around!! The only time we saw her cry was at her birthday when we would sing Happy Birthday to her!

Becky grew into a tall willowy beauty with beautiful strawberry blonde hair. She never dealt with weight issues like the rest of the family and didn’t even go through an awkward adolescent period. That could have been easy to hate or be jealous of, but Becky was always just the light of our lives and we simply loved her.

As she grew there was always a calm about her and assurance. She seemed to know exactly what she wanted and no one or thing could stand in her way. If she wanted to remodel a house, she did it. Cut wood with a chain saw. Build a log home in Minnesota. Start a health food business and a successful direct selling business. Canoe the Boundary Waters alone every year on her birthday. Cook a gourmet meal. All done. Her dream was to walk the El Camino de Santiago in Spain on her 60th birthday. I believe she would have been able to do that, but sadly she died seven months shy of that October 12th. 

Our Becky maintained her beauty, love of life and dignity all through the last year of her life. She had suffered some disappointment in her relationships, yet she never spoke ill of those people with whom she had shared a part of her life, no matter how painful.  She adored her children Brekke and Peter and they returned that adoration with their time and love and a closeness every mother would want to have with her children.  Her crowning joy was little Luci, her granddaughter, who she got to spend two years loving and adoring visiting in California and showering love and affection upon.

As those who loved her watched her quickly slip away, we knew she was going into that place of light and love where she would be surrounded by family members who would welcome and embrace her and she could be that beautiful, healthy radiant being again in all her glory. Yet, how those of us left behind miss her! Every Columbus Day I think of that little darling wrapped in a yellow blanket, that willowy beauty standing behind the counter of Grammas Pantry and of that radiant smile and welcoming hug I received every time I saw her.

Happy 66th Birthday our Becky! Happy Birthday our dearest sister. No more tears for you. May your lovely light continue  shining  down upon us as we think of you looking down at all of your loved ones wrapped in yellow beams rather than a blanket with that beautiful smile and that ever loving spirit. We love and miss you!

Last Christmas together

Here is a poem that she wrote

Oct. 6, 2020

 I decided on a lark a few months ago to write this poem as I was thinking about my husband after running across this picture from 1978, newly married when he was finishing college at Illinois College here in Jacksonville. I had just gotten a great job as a head resident at Jane Hall, MacMurray College here as well. Unfortunately, MacMurray college closed this spring and I will forever be grateful for this three fun years we spent here, getting to know some incredible students who we are still in touch with.


Won’t you sit with me? I say

to my husband who is



Won’t you walk with me?

He says to me who 

loves to 


Yet, somewhere we meet,

we merge,

we accept.

And so we walk, we sit.

We talk, we laugh, we enter old age

with love. 

Evolving ever closer together

As the years slip by. 

I have been told that if I will read the scriptures and use the word “I”, or my name “Cathy”, that the scriptures can take on a very personal message to myself.

The message below came from an inspiring talk given by President Russell M Nelson. Jeri, after reading his message had a desire to make it personal for herself. All she did was add the words “I am” and the talk became a personal affirmation that can inspire her daily.

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