Camp Teepee- Inspired Moments

October – Create – Let your gift… inspire and lift.

Message 1

Finding Hope Mixed Media by Heidi Dwyer

Lauren Daigle – You Say

Message 2

When You Believe | BYU Noteworthy (ft. BYU Women’s Chorus)

Message 3

Thoughts by Jill Cassinat Urie

“…Effectual is a great word: it means ‘something that is successful in producing a desired or intended result’ and it’s the difference between struggles as meaningful opportunities for growth and struggles as destructive to our well-being.
This is my new favorite phrase. And I think we can glean a couple of meanings from it, depending on whether we see struggle as a noun or verb:
Struggle as a noun (as in, our struggles are effectual) — Although there may be struggles, the Lord will consecrate our efforts. And we will be successful. The struggles we experience will be effectual to our growth and development.
Struggle as a verb (As in, to struggle effectually) — If you believe that this life is a time to gain experience and prepare to meet God, we can change how we view our struggles. We can see our struggles as something to shoulder with courage and grit. That shift in attitude can consecrate them for our good. When viewed in this way, our struggles become more meaningful. 
I don’t mean to say that we should seek out struggles for ourselves or cause others to struggle out of some misguided masochism! This life is hard enough without trying to make it harder for ourselves.
But I think that when we make our organic struggles “effectual,” they can be agents of change for our eternal good.
Either way, this is a very hopeful concept to me.”
Author: Jill Cassinat Urie

Art: @caitlin_connolly_

Message 4

Art:  By Greg Olsen

You Raise Me Up – Mat and Savanna Shaw – Josh Groban Cover – Daddy Daughter Duet

Message 5

Thoughts and testimony on Hope – by Jeri Franz


I asked my dear friend Jeri if I could share this from her Facebook page.

Ignore the pop-down that shows up from Facebook. You will not need to click anything to watch the video. It was the only way I could get it embedded on this page for your easy access.

I love what she says about “Get Your Hopes Up.” I found it so inspiring.

September – Fall Retreat

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Message 2

Think back on a time when someone reached out to you and lifted your spirits.

Today, take that feeling forward and who could use your thoughtful words today?

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Message 4

I am making room for Christ each day to follow Him… and He will help me.

When we go and do the things that the Lord asks us to do, He will prepare a way for us to accomplish it.

Being a valiant follower of Christ often means standing alone. But we really are not alone. If you could see through this veil that covers your eyes you would see Him standing by you. You are ALWAYS loved…you do not need to be perfect for His love. He Will Always Stand By You.

Look to the Tree

  • In nature, the Pine Tree can be a symbol that can bring our focus back to Christ.
  • It is Evergreen, which means that it always stays green all year round….reminding us that we are always cherished and loved.
  • It points toward straight up toward the heavens…reminding us that God’s grace is eternal.
  • And at Christmas lights were put on the tree to symbolize the Light of Christ in our lives.

To Do:

Listen to this video: An inspired message by Elder Kevin W. Pearson: Stay By The Tree.

  • Take your journal with you as you listen and record thoughts that come into your mind.
  • Elder Pearson tells us that, “….True disciples continue to awaken unto God each day in meaningful personal prayer, earnest scripture study, personal obedience, and selfless service. Stay by the tree and stay awake.” Today take one of these 4 (prayer, study, obedience, service) and take one or two actions that will help you become stronger in that area.