Have You Seen This?

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Hope these will inspire and BRIGHTEN your day.

1. Be Still – and Let Go click here

She tells you a story of a Raccoon. Yes, it’s sad what happened…but monkeys will do the very same thing. If you hand them a banana outside of the cage they will try to pull the banana in. They will try and try… even though they can’t pull the banana in….and they will NEVER let go. Great talk!

2. We ALL have those days of feeling sorry for ourselves…Here is something to remember.

Nothing stops this young man from going after his dreams.

Here is another story of someone who doesn’t let his struggles stop him.

3. Art in its many forms can uplift and bring the Spirit

Christ’s influence can be found in every part of our lives, including the arts.

Artistic experiences that are influenced by the Savior are uplifting, edifying, and truly beautiful.

Your Challenge: Build a Resilience Kit.

Look for something this week that inspires you and brings joy to your mind. Begin collecting them in one place whether that is a book, on your phone…anything that is easy for you to access. You are now beginning to create your resilience kit.