Moving Forward (October Camp)

I have heard it said, if you are not moving forward, you are moving backwards. None of us wake up in the morning and say to ourself, “I think I will go backwards today.” But every time you stop yourself from trying something new…you have taken a step back.

Have the courage to try something new… and you will grow your gifts

You Only Limit Yourself when You Entertain the Thought… I Can’t Do _____(something)_______.

Mandy’s life had a strong direction….then opposition hit and she thought she had to give up what she loved to do. She did…until she realized that only she was limiting herself. She never had to give up her dream…just try another way to accomplish it.


Try something new… anything that you are interested in but may be hesitant to try. Go ahead and step out of your box and go for it. It can be anything…it does not have to “be perfect”…just simply try.


Post Your projects or ideas on the Instagram page


Don’t be afraid to shine. There is always someone else out in the world that is encouraged by what another person does and most of the time that person never knows that they even made an impact on someone else. So, POST IT and be brave 🙂

My first attempt:

Now, NO GIGGLES…I wanted to learn how to plant positive seeds by making visual messages. Cathy Freeman

My first attempt at making a movie on line.

This Young Women took on the project of creating a video of how to knit this elephant. Being her first video…it’s amazing!

Click Here to see video