Camp Journaling – Gold in my Soul

114 Positives

Journal Page

God created each of us with wonderful attributes. We have some that are similar and some that are different. My question to you …”Do you really recognize what you have been gifted with?” Here is a simple project. Click Here to download this sheet and follow the instructions.

Coloring page

Download this coloring page and either frame it or put it in your journal. Click here.

Add visuals to your affirmations and those things you write that you want your mind to anchor onto.

This is a 2 minute video showing you how I took scrapbook paper and washy tape to totally decorate my Cre8 Reminders©

  • shapes are cut out of the scrapbook paper with a paper punch.
  • the color rings around the holes in the paper for a notebook are the white reinforcement circles that you buy and I used markers to color.
  • you can print out a focus word or two that is a large size on your computer and glue it on.

Be Creative with words

This journal page I started with 5 stamps, with either a word or a message that spoke to my mind. I then drew the flower, and lines that curved and connected the words, believe and hope. I did this with a pencil first.

I then took a Cre8 Reminder that I wrote up and wrote the words right over the pencil lines. I then took a permanent pen and traced over everything and then erased the pencil marks.


Choose 2 or 3 focus words and place them on a piece of art paper.

Next begin to doodle with curvy lines going in different random directs.

Choose a statement that has meaning to you and write it over the pencil lines.

Add leaves and flowers along parts of the lines.

Finish with drawing over the pencil line with permanent marker and then erase any pencil line that you can see.

Now you have your own Creative doodle.