Express Your Heart (October)

Becky Mackintosh

Have you ever heard the term, Angels that walk the Earth? It is typically a term given to a person who spreads joy and light to others. Someone who uplifts and edifies. Today, I had the privilege to sit and listen to an “Angel that walks the Earth” as far as I am concerned.

Becky’s story is one of pure love as she shares her journey of “coming out of the closet” so she calls it, of being a mother with a gay son. We start at that point, but her message is much broader and deeper.

We talked about:

  • How she navigated the feelings that first overtook her…
  • How to stop those instant questions that the mind asks … “what if‘ I had done more of____________.”
  • How she tried to “fix” the problem and finally came to a point of realization that this was something that she was not meant to “fix”.
  • How to support those we love when they choose choices that are not what we would have chosen for them.
  • How to step out of that box that each of us automatically creates when we begin having children. You know, the box that holds what we envision for them….all of the dreams and hopes for them that are actually OUR dreams and hopes.
  • And, how to support their journey, how to be there for them, “help them to know that they belong, they are loved, they are important, they are not broken, and that we all learning and growing in this Earth School and doing the best we can.”

When you ask Becky what success is. She joyfully replies, “It is having all 27 family members all together enjoying each others company. It’s LOVE, LAUGHTER, and UNITY, that is what success is to me.

Now sit back and enjoy this next few minutes with Becky…

Click Here to watch the video of her family and on that website you can learn more about her inspiring book, Love Boldly.

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