Enchanted Makeovers

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Would you like to share the gift of LOVE for this coming up season?

Give something that is handcrafted. Why? Because then it comes from the heart. See Here

Please Join Me

Please join me in making pillow cases for this organization for the holidays to reach out and share your heart and thoughts of encouragement. The pillow cases do not need to be embroidered. Personally, I am using fabric markers to write something uplifting. Anyway that works the best for you is wonderful.

I’ve got my fabric and I am ready to begin.

When you finish…please post your finished product on instagram #realpostivechangeretreat

Let them know you created it at this retreat as a group

We may be scattered all over this world…but when we come together for a cause…there is a sense of unity.

Print off this tag and attach it to your project to let them know that we did it together during this retreat.

Download this label and attach it to your project before you send it off.

Click here for download

What is this organization… Enchanted Makeovers?

Let me start by saying… I just got off the phone with an amazing woman.  Here heart and message for serving have changed my perspective forever. Let’s start with a brief introduction of who she is…

Terry Grahl is the Founder, Visionary and CEO of Enchanted Makeovers.  She leads teams of volunteers in helping to adorn shelters for women + families affected by domestic violence.  

I can’t honestly tell you how I came across her on the internet.  I do believe that I was guided to find her by total heavenly help.

In my research on searching her website and listening to podcasts, I quickly found myself being educated on the viewpoint of how we think when we serve one another human being.  

Unintentionally we create a separation…a label of sorts in an attempt to define our actions of giving service.  That label typically goes something like this…”I’m going to go help the homeless”,  or “I want to help the abused women”.  We label each other by experiences or struggles, rather than seeing each other for whom we truly are…precious individuals who are going through experiences right now and could use a little loving support and listening ear. Actually, is that not the same for all of us?

Part of Terry’s mission is to change that viewpoint and educate others that there is no separation, there are no labels, we are all children of God having an earthly experience.  We all have situations that are a struggle for us, but we do not use that struggle as a name or identity.  So, why do we do it to others?

Her message is “How I change the way we serve, changes the way we see each other.”  As we talked she said, “it’s not, I want to help abused women… serving is, to stand with the women”.

All of us what to be loved, heard, and served.  None of us what to be a “service project”.  

She teaches fellow women, fellow friends to speak the words “I am a warrior”.  She said, “You are not a survivor, not a victim, you are a warrior, so live it now.”  “We begin as victims, then survivors, when are we going to be warriors?”  We can be warriors right now…not sometime in the future.

Here original team

I found a sweet connection as I found out that we had a similar experience that made a major shift in our careers direction.  Both Interior Designers, both received promptings to focus more on the inside of a woman and the interior atmosphere that she is creating for herself as well as the exterior atmosphere.   

I have found her journey incredibly inspiring and I want to share it with you.

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Do you want to be a part?  Creating something by hand is the best because within that work is also the love that can be shared with another person.  We are all important, we are all loved, and we are all PRECIOUS.