Family History Gardening with Diane

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Family History Memories

Preserving fruits and vegetables keeps them alive for future enjoyment. Preserving memories will keep our family alive in our hearts and minds and bring not only enjoyment but often a strength.

Watch her zoom class on how to add Memories (photos, documents, stories to a family tree at in the process you will learn some new tricks, as well

When it comest time to harvest fruits from a tree who loves to pic the low hanging fruit? Descendant research is like picking the low hanging fruit because it is often faster and easier to obtain.


Descendant Research PDF Click Here

When starting a garden, it is always helpful to have a plan of action. What should be done first, second, third, etc. in order to grow the most abundant, delicious or beautiful crops. It’s the same with genealogy research. It is helpful to know where to search first, second, third etc. in order to have the best chance for success.


Simplified Strategies Part 1 Click Here

Simplified Strategies Part 2 Click Here

Try this game that Diane’s son, Spencer created just for this event.

Searching for roots is also like searching for pearls. When you find an ancestor, it is a treasure hunt under water. Click on this game

This is a fun way to help you become familiar with

Learn the Tools

To create a beautiful and even useful garden takes a little effort and it is helpful to learn how to use the gardening tools. Try this Study Guide to help you learn how to use the tools of

Garden of Roses Journaling

Journaling is like a garden of roses. There are many vibrant hues, scents, petals, and even thorns. Individually roses are beautiful and together they are breath-taking. So, is the story of your life. Each day is beautiful and the whole (thorns and all) is breathtaking.  Learn the many different ways of recording your breath-taking life.

Be the Tree and tell their stories

Trees can live anywhere from less than 100 years to more than a thousand years. Can you imagine the stories they could tell of your ancestors?  If only they could talk and tell us all the tales. Most of us don’t have ancestors who have left journals and diaries for, so learn how to be the tree and put together the stories of old.

Harvest Fun

After all the work of planting and cultivating a garden comes the harvest. This can be a time of feasting and fun.  Harvesting a family tree can also be fun.  Learn some ways of having fun with your family doing family history.

BONUS: Thanks for the MEMORIES

Diane Rogers created these short videos to show you around family search, what to do, and how to make family history much easier.

She asked me to put a disclaimer 🙂 Amateur at work – this was Diane’s first attempt at recording a video.