Camp Day 5

Some of you know my mother, JoAnn Pollard.

Here is a message she shared with her granddaughters.

and now you…

🌹Grandma’s Pearls🌹
“A pearl of knowledge is found in Alma 34:33.  It speaks of procrastination,  which we’re sometimes good at, especially if it’s something we dread.  

Okay, now for the Pearl…
Procrastination is the thief of eternal life.  As a person puts off repentance until later, they learn to their dismay the power of habit becomes the greater strength…and the power to change becomes lesser. 

You’re at the beginning of ‘habit-hood’
. How much easier it is for you now to be watchful that the habits you are forming are good. 

If the habits being formed are not good, it will be easier and smarter to change them NOW, before repentance becomes difficult or sometimes ‘everlastingly too late’.  (Helaman 13:38)”

Elder Bednar answers the question of where we will go. The answer is the laws that we have learned to love.

Click here to watch a quick video.

What do you love?

Kayliann spoke of “her conversion to the church”. Kayliann was born into the church and comes from very active parents. However, her words are very true for all of us…each of us must be converted individually.

Now as you listen again…listen to all of the simple decisions she made in her teen years that helped her conversion to not only living the Gospel… but LOVING the Gospel.

(Might turn your speaker down a bit in the beginning…I start out pretty loud.)