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The Joy of Writing Your Life Story

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Art Journal Idea – A Recipe for Letting-Go

Healing Loss through Art – A Recipe for Letting Go.

I have been inspired by the story of Colleen Attara and her journey of allowing art to heal her. Right before her mother’s passing, Colleen took a book that she had read to her mother and began altering the pages. Colleen said in an article, “There were many days when there were no words to say, so I would use other people’s words…. These pages healed me and gave me a place to process the pain, loss, and love I felt.”

Altered books are a way of allowing the soul to express what is lying deep just under the surface. This form of art-making can take you on a journey of transformation and renewal. “Altered art empowers the creator to restore what has been lost and make changes to what already exists through symbol and metaphor.”

I recently gave a group of young women a challenge to fill this templet of the Savior with their favorite quotes about Jesus. Here are a couple of examples of completed works.

Aimee our older daughter finished her life at the age of 17 and returned back home to heaven. As a special gift to her dad and me, a woman in the community created this picture of Jesus Christ in memory of her.

The COOL THING ABOUT THIS PIECE OF ART is that there are NO lines. It is completely created with words. It is actually the verses from John in the Bible. It is huge! We have it hanging over our fireplace so it can be seen every day.


Take a simple picture of something that inspires you. Trace an outline of it on a blank piece of paper. Next, fill the spaces with thoughts, quotes, verses, or messages that have meaning to you.

Falls Event

Follow Your Voice, Not anyone Else’s…and Be Relentless.

I hear this statement all the time…”I’m not creative.”

I say, “not true.” “Everyone is creative.”

Everything you do each day is being done through a creative process? And in that process, you add your own style.

Watch these two sisters as they practice for a school Christmas program. They are singing the same song….but notice the different style.

One is quiet and refined, the other energetic and animated. Is one better than the other? NO!

I have seen these two, now young women, impact people for good in their own unique and special way. So STOP holding back…GO & DO.

I have picked two artisans who use their gifts to inspire the lives of others. Both are in the same industry, extremely talented and put their own twist on a natural piece of wood.

Richard G. Scott said, “Being creative will help you enjoy life. it engenders a spirit of gratitude.”

I am a strong advocate for having positive sayings and pictures adorn the walls of our homes.

As a child, my mother had a small saying that hung on the wall by the sink in the bathroom. It was a statement about “giving as the Master gave…” I would read it every time I was in there, and I know for a fact it has influenced my thoughts about serving others.

Create Your Own Original

Simple, fun ideas to use for art journaling.

Watch the video below

Words Can Be Medicine – or create wounds.

You are the artist who has the power to send light into your heart.

Being an artist is not always about paints and brushes. Many enjoy the creative power of the word.

Go on a journey with Jeri as she shares some wonderful ideas with you.


Jeri Franz

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