Cari’s Canvas

A place where art brings joy, hope, and inspiration to your life and into your homes. 

Cari’s work came to me through Instagram. I found her work refreshing and motivating. Her philosophy was identical to mine, “Every day is a new canvas.” Click here and she will teach you some easy painting techniques.

Cari’s Original Work

I asked Cari a few questions and here are her answers…

Question: What does the quote “Everyday is a new canvas” mean to you?

Answer: The quote means to me, that every day is a fresh start, to learn something new, to grow, flourish, or strive for more with a blank slate…

Question:  I know that your creative work can be hectic due to the fact that it is your business, but putting that aside and thinking about when you are busy creating your art, do you find that the other concerns of the day slip out of your mind?

Answer: Art as a retreat for me. Sometimes it’s the only thing that calms my anxiety and eases the stresses of life and business. I often find that if I don’t paint at least once during a day, I actually have withdrawals. It has truly become a part of me, and who I am on a daily basis.

Cari does not believe that everyone can have an original piece of art in their home without paying high dollars for it. In here words…”I truly believe that everyone can have affordable, original works of art in their homes today that brings you daily joy and inspiration.”

Here is the link to see her work

Cari is a wonderful teacher and easy to follow…so now, let’s take some classes.

Learn tips and tricks for painting beautiful flowers at home.

Watch as she explains how to letter.

If you feel intimidated to use paint at first, then try markers so that you can get the feel of the up and down movement. I like how she explains well not only what she is doing, but why she is doing it. Remember it takes practice. So fix yourself a “grab & go” bag of paper, markers, a ruler, pencil, and hard surface to write on. Then next time you are caught waiting for someone, you have time to practice.

Thank you Cari for sharing some of your tips with us. I would like to close out with her words….”Cari’s Canvas is a place “where every piece is unique and one-of-a-kind, you can always expect your artwork to be created from scratch, by my own two hands. There are no stencils or vinyl used in my work, so slight variations to lettering and paint strokes are what make each piece truly unique, while still upholding the integrity of my designs