Camp Sunshine Message #1

Take What You Need first. You will then be prepared and capable of giving to help someone else in need.

The Lord has always taught that we must fill out bucket first and then we will be able to give to another. It is impossible to give what you do not have.

Down load this Poster

Pick from the attributes listed on the poster that you feel you may need to develop more in. Set it as a goal and then follow these 4 steps.

(These are the same steps I talked about in the Art Journaling video that is posted in the Creative Rituals cabin)

Write Out

  1. My Desire – (Be specific of what you are actually wanting to accomplish. List short term goals and the date for their completion.)
  2. My Resolve – (Write down everything that is within your power… that you are will to do to accomplish your goal.)
  3. What Help do I need from the Lord? – (Ex. Expand my heart to ___________.” “Open my mind to ______________”. “Guide me to __________________.” “Give me strength and willpower to ___________” etc)
  4. My Commitment – “What will I do daily to create the internal environment that invites the Spirit?”