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We are so happy you are here.

Check back often for new messages about the events going on around camp.

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Ideas for Art Journaling

UPDATE: I am starting a Gallary. Go to the bike to see where to send your pictures..

I have created a “Gallery” section in the “Grow Your Talents” building. Pictures can be posted to show what you have done. Example: If you made cookies, take a picture of them and send it in.

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Make sure you do this…

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Here is a list of the evening live events. You will meet at the Campfire Friends location to participate.

Monday Night – Craft Hour

Girls Camp is not camp without a T-shirt. This year we are going to get creative and make our own. Join me as we make our T-shirts together around the campfire.

Video of Class

Supply List for Monday’s T-shirt


  • A white, or colored t-shirt.
  • You will need Glad cling wrap
  • A Large square of non-stick Parchment paper (found by the plastic wrap in the grocery store. This is used between the logo and the iron)
  • This is an extra….. bring other supplies you might want to use to decorate your shirt.

Have these ready for use:  An iron, Ironing board & scissors

Download the logo on regular printer paper and bring to the class.

Click Here to download this for your T-shirt

Tuesday Night – A virtual scavenger hunt.

We are NOT meeting at the Campfire Friends for this event. You are divided up into groups so that you WILL have an easier time playing the game.

The event starts @ 7:30. Please check your email for the correct link for you to join. We will be hosting this event in smaller groups so that all can participate.

Grab your running shoes because you will want to be quick as you hopefully find these items around your house.


Wednesday Night 7/29

Grab your blanket, and something cool to drink because we are going to listen to a concert. The Youth Music Festival. It will start at 7:00 pm (Texas time) Meet at the Campfire Friends location and follow the instructions.

Youth Music Festival

Thursday Night – Campfire Jeopardy

How well do you know your leaders? What was their first date? Favorite cereal?….Meet at the Campfire Friends location.

Friday Night – Movie Under the Stars

Grab your blanket, a bowl full of pop corn, something to drink and lets head out to the camp fire to watch out movie on your own computer.

Join in at the Campfire Friends location.

Saturday – Free Day

(Finish up your classes and make sure your leader has all of your pictures of finished projects.)

Camp Closing Session

Meet at the Campfire Friends location. Join us @ 3:00 for our final session for this Virtual Camp experience.