Create Your​ Own Calm

Take a moment and relax with this guided imagery.

I have used this cd to help me feel more balanced and motivated. The CD is called Heart Tones.

To accomplish a goal one must have the mind and heart working together…or basically their action and belief. This selection of music, created by Gary Freeman is created for that purpose.

In the cd I refer to an essential oil called Heaven Scent. This is an oil produced by Butterfly Express in Idaho. I would use any essential oil that you find pleasing. You do not need to use that specific oil.

I also refer to making a figure 8 in you mind. Just think of the number 8. As I trace over the number in my thoughts I am connecting the right and left brain. When these two sides are communicating together…that is when we feel balanced. It is only when we get stuck in one side or the other that stress is created.

Now, find a comfortable place that is quiet. Sit back, close your eyes and listen to this guided release

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(Music at the end of CD – with the perky beat is for sale in the music store. Go to Camp Headquarters and click on Camp Store, then click – music store – then Gary’s music.)

Info From The Fall Retreat – The calming influence of Essential Oils