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Hello, I am Cathy Freeman.

Welcome to my little space on the campsite.

I am a perception analysis. What is that? It is the profession of coaching people to understand their reactions, emotions, and the way that they respond to life situations to better clarify what is producing stress in their life. You see, your emotions are only a result of the thoughts/ perceptions that you are focusing consistently on.

Another simple way to think about it is…

You have probably experience that wonderful feeling when you organize and clean out the clutter in your home. It’s the same feeling when you clear out the clutter (stress) created from non-productive thoughts and perceptions that have either been stored for a very long time or thoughts that are currently bouncing around causing havoc.

Do I love my work? Absolutely Yes! What started out as something that would help my family, turned into my passion and focus for the past 31 years. WOW, writing that down just made me realize exactly how long it has been.


Watch this video below, where I share my process for taking Care of myself, understanding others & Creating Happy Relationships.

Garb the download and follow along.

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Pay attention to the needs that you find yourself working on the most. These could be your top 3 motivators. People will take action, whether it is positive or negative just to fulfill their personal needs.

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Here are a few posts I have written with more thoughts about the effect of our 7 Needs.

In this first one, I talk about the separation anxiety that children feel.

ALL Reactions are a Mirror to an unmet NEED & Worry – are You paying Attention?

Happiness, what does that look like for you?

Breath Work


“Gold in My Soul” – a journaling technique.

I’ve created a writing technique that helps shift your perspective.

We will use the music titled Time Travel. It was created by Gary Freeman and is available in the camp store now.

Introduction to my journaling workbook – Gold in my Soul

Looking back at one’s life is a gift. To re-examine life situations and find a nugget of gold that has the potential to alter the future not only for yourself, but those whom your life comes in contact with. You never know the impact that you make by giving out rays of encouragement, positivity, and hope to another person. However, your ability to share these rays of sunshine can be dimmed by buried feelings from old emotional hurts. These buried feelings I will call “soul wounds”.

A child is not born with soul wounds. They are the results that come from unexpected experiences that threaten to rob one of their dreams. They become the evidence that one holds on to in an attempt to validate the stories that are recorded in the subconscious mind. These stories begin to place all sorts of self-limiting and negative beliefs on oneself. These are stories that are made up of feelings which are void of light…such as disappointment, anger, frustration, annoyance, and so on. And it is one’s attempt to bury these feelings that stop the light from coming in and chasing out the darkness. By choosing to bury and ignore the thoughts and feelings, in an attempt to forget them, you are actually fueling and giving power to these emotions, thus keeping them alive.

How does this happen? The thoughts that speak the loudest in our minds become the judge and jury for the current situation. Therefore, if your self-limiting and negative beliefs are stronger, you will see through a lens that validates those beliefs making them stronger. A focus built on negative thoughts creates a mental environment that gives less opportunity for the light to permeate the mind, which is what stops one’s ability to feel and radiate emotions that are positive and happy.

Just as a brick wall is built one brick at a time, so it is with thoughts. The thought most focused on is what becomes the strongest dominant thought in the mind. For this reason, I have written this journal…a guide for replacing the dark void created from soul wounds and allowing one to open the space-filling it with wonderful light

Gold in My Soul Journal

I created a pdf with journaling questions addressing each of the (7) personal needs similar to the video lesson. Click Here


Creative Journaling to change tough emotions

Where can I put tough emotions?

Art journaling is a wonderful way to address and release tough emotions.

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