B-Fit (October)

Meet Carolyn Allen

Recently, someone started telling me about this product…and I was so excited to inform them that Carolyn will actually be part of this retreat.

I asked Carolyn to speak because I know the importance of the colon.

My father died from the affects of having colon cancer. Yes, he was in remission, but the toll on his body took his life.

Now, I encourage you to CLICK HERE and spend just a few minutes to learn more.

Are You Clean Inside?

Carolyn Allen of MyMiracleTea.com shares a foundational principle of health that few doctors will tell you about:
Your best health begins with a clean colon!  Learn about how we all acquire toxins on a daily basis and
the easy way to get and stay fresh and clean inside! 

Carolyn’s product has been helping people of all ages — from newborns to seniors for over 40 years with stomach and digestive problems, constipation, skin challenges, weight loss, and more.  

Carolyn will even share some of the powerful testimonials of what a clean colon has accomplished for some of her wonderful
folks and their families. From non-stop colic to crippling constipation, we are humbled by what our detox achieves!

At this unique time in history, our personal health is #1! This unique detox flushes toxins acquired from daily living
and builds strength so your body can heal and function as Mother Nature intended it to.  What could matter more?

Exercise & Oxycise


Now that I find my body aging and the intense workout is more harmful than helpful…I am open to looking for something that has a low impact but great results. In my search, I came across Oxycise. I already know of the power that breath has for releasing stress, but I had no idea it could release fat too!

Is it truly possible that using the power of oxygen to reshape your body, boost energy reduces stress? I am up to the challenge….how about you?

How can breathing help you lose weight?

You have three main body fuels – food, water, and oxygen. Most people are aware of the fact that when you limit your food intake, your metabolism slows down, however, little attention is given to our poor breathing habits. You can last several weeks without food, several days without water, but only a few minutes without oxygen. Doesn’t it make sense to you that oxygen will have a much quicker and more dramatic effect on your metabolism than any other fuel? Reducing your oxygen intake slows your metabolism and deprives each of your 75 trillion cells from receiving their most basic nutrient, and makes it impossible for your body to properly metabolize fat.

The reverse is also true – increasing your oxygen intake revs up your metabolism and allows your body to thrive. Breathing well is the key to a slender, healthy body.

Oxycise! delivers lots of extra oxygen and works your muscles at the same time. The result is more effective fat burning.

Jill Johnson talks to us about why oxygen can help to reshape the body. Click here

How has the oxygen connection been proven?

In university tests, namely the University of Southern California and the University of Colorado, Oxycise! was found to burn more calories than riding a stationary bicycle.

In order to function at full capacity, your blood cells, brain cells, muscle cells and vital organ cells . . . every single one of them . . . must have oxygen. Oxygen – it helps your cells metabolize nutrients for energy, maintenance, repair, and healing. The way you breathe has a profound effect on your heart, arteries, and blood flow. Breathing affects the diameter of your blood vessels, your blood pressure, and the work output of the heart. The activity of your brain is directly affected by the way you breathe.

Breathing is also your chief body cleanser. Elimination of wastes, debris, toxins, and body pollution is a major function of oxygen. Do you realize that much of your body’s waste is eliminated through exhaling?

I’d like to share a secret with you . . . This secret is well-guarded by the $35 Billion dollar a year weight loss industry, and there are a lot of wealthy cosmetic surgeons and manufacturers of exercise gadgets and diet pills who don’t want this secret to get out:

Fat leaves your body through carbon dioxide.

Fat does not dissolve with “magic” pills or drinks and come out in your urine. It does not melt away into sweat under neoprene shorts or waist belts. It does not disappear by smearing creams on your thighs or lounging in vibrator belts. And it does not disappear through wishful thinking.

Fat leaves your body through carbon dioxide! This is not just a premise. This is a physiological FACT.

When you breathe and take in oxygen, your fat molecules are combined with oxygen atoms, causing oxidation. The main product is carbon dioxide. In fact, carbon dioxide is the most abundant of all the end-products of metabolism. It is more abundant than waste eliminated through urine, bowels, and perspiration!

If you limit your breathing, your body will not be able to eliminate properly, so it will store the toxins and fat and you have to live with them all the time. How does that extra poundage feel? Not fully using the oxygen available to us has created the largest toxic “waist” dump in our country.

Everybody breaths so why are so many people overweight?

Low oxygen occurs for several reasons. Here are 2 primary reasons:

1. Shallow chest breathing. Most of you only use a fraction of your lungs. Why? You wear tight pants, girdles, tight belts, hold your stomach in to look thin. More than likely you spend most of the day sitting down – working at a computer or desk all day, commuting in your car, going out to dinner, watching TV or movies. Our push-button society has all but eliminated the need for our bodies to move, and the result is a very low natural demand for oxygen.

2. Stress. Just because you sit down all day, doesn’t mean you don’t experience high stress and anxiety. You may not know this, but as you get excited, anxious, or stressed, your triglyceride levels go up in your blood causing clumping and sludging of your red blood cells. This clogs your capillaries and keeps oxygen from being delivered properly.

Could it be, that if you struggle with being overweight, or have some stubborn fat deposits that you can’t seem to get rid of, that you don’t have an eating problem, you don’t have a motivation problem — you have a breathing problem!

One of my favorite letters is from Erin Gadd, a college student, “I was depressed and desperate about my weight and had given up on any social life at college. I sought out your program and did everything you said. Within three months I lost a total of 40 pounds and 6 inches from my waist! I’ve maintained that for nearly a year without a lot of effort and can fit in pants I wore in 10th grade. In fact, a pair of shorts that I couldn’t even pull up over my hips are now baggy! It is so fun to be able to hike and run and do other activities now. But the most exciting of all is I’m getting married next week! If I hadn’t made these body changes, I would have never had the confidence to meet my new husband!”

So are you saying all I have to breath and I will lose weight?

I don’t have a magic pill that you can take so that you never have to think about your body again. What I am saying is that your body follows natural laws, and to keep it healthy you will always have to invest some time and some effort. What I’ve done with Oxycise! is pack as much as possible into a short daily time investment – only 15 minutes a day – to help you harness your body’s natural ability to burn fat and increase your energy and vitality.

I teach people step-by-step how to significantly increase their oxygen consumption and combine that with flexing and contracting all major muscle groups. By doing this you will be able to measure a weight loss and inch loss very quickly. Not only that but you reduce your body fat percentage.

It’s not motion or pounding or sweating that causes fat to metabolize – It’s oxygen!

Can anyone do oxycise?

Everyone truly can experience a healthier body by learning these deep diaphragmatic breathing exercises. It’s effective for men and women of any age or fitness level – including those with back or knee injuries, or other physical limitations or disabilities. People of all ages and from many walks of life have had success with Oxycise: children, grandparents, business executives, cheerleaders, bodybuilders, moms, dads, elite athletes, people with asthma, with chronic fatigue syndrome, people in rehabilitation from auto accidents or surgery . . . people who want to lose 5 pounds to those who want to lose over 100 pounds.

You can do it right in the privacy of your home, office, or motel room – because all you need is you and the air you breathe.

Yes, anyone can do it anywhere.

Bob Doyle, age 75, shared:

“I really didn’t think it would work, I thought I was too old. Age was my problem. I was tired and run down and felt just plain lousy. I was about 50 pounds overweight and was wearing a tight 44 pants. …I saw an add for the Oxycise! program and decided it was time to stop and try and do something. I thought I was too old to do the weight thing.

“Much to my surprise I started and I felt a lot better after the first week. My breathing was good and my energy level was on the rise. In fact I fired the lawn man and am now doing all of the yard work and singing again in Church, and the breath is good. I have so many rewards for doing your program I can’t believe them all. I have lost 50+ pounds and have lost 6 sizes and have the energy of being about 20 years younger. Thanks again for the program and believe me, if I feel this good at 75 then anyone can do it and succeed.”

Am I Breathing Right?

Join me in a short Yoga workout for the week. Click here


I have always wanted to try yoga…but, I have been too intimidated to show up for a class. This has been a wonderful way to EXPERIENCE SOMETHING NEW in the security of my own home, and the stretch feels WONDERFUL.

Testimonial – We can all lose weight…it’s the “keeping it off” I’m interested in.

The testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical. Every testimonial is from a real customer who used Oxycise! No one was paid for a testimonial or endorsement. Results may vary from person to person based on body size and other factors. 

Click here for more classes you can take.

The Easy Does It senior exercise videos incorporate the same powerful Oxycise! breathing techniques as the Standard Series, but they include less aggressive body positions which are presented in shorter, easier-to-follow segments incorporating chair exercises and do not require kneeling or lying on the floor. You are also given the option to stop the video or pause between each 6 minutes of workout. These well-designed videos are a perfect senior exercise and are great for those who have injuries, knee problems, and those who just prefer to do the Oxycise! workout at a slower pace.
Jill demonstrates each body position in detail, to help you make the most of your Oxycise! workout. Learn to breathe your way to the physical shape you want to be!

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