About Me

Hi I’m Cathy, I am excited to meet you.  Once as a young girl, of about 12 years old, I was asked to fill out a goal sheet of what I would like to be and accomplish when I grew up. We were asked not only to list our goals and dreams but also the kind of man we would like to someday marry.  A few of the things I remember putting on that sheet were…. *A Mother, *A teacher,  *Five Children, and marry a man who could play the piano.  Why was I so specific about the musical talent? It was simple, I hated to practice myself, but wanted to have that instrument in my home as an adult.

Now fast forward…..

have been blessed to be a mother to six children, 2 boys and 4 girls.  I love to teach and have taught on different topics all of my adult life, (my favorite topics being… faith in God, the power of our thoughts to achieve our dreams, health and fitness, and pretty much anything that has to do with art and design)

Now what about the husband who could play the piano?  I got that too!!   We were about 2 years into our marriage when I was asked to teach a class on goal setting.  I went back to look at some of my goals and there it was. I was totally surprised!

He is a professional keyboard play, composer, and my sweet honey, now for over 35 years.  His talent of music has been a wonderful blessing in our home.  He is patent and quite; I am focused driven and spunky. Over the years we have taken this great combination and learned to work together, helping each of us to cherish one another more and more.

Why have I started blogging?    

As a young mother I quickly became familiar with holistic living and it’s benefits of health and wellness for my family.  But I was putting all of my attention on their wellness, just assuming that my levels of stress were normal.  I had an “I can do ANYTHING” type of attitude, and I thought I was handling all the chaos that life decided to throw my direction pretty amazingly.

We had just had our sixth child.    She came early and spent her first week of life in the Baby ICU.  When we were finally able to take her home, she came with a monitor and wires taped all over her tiny, little body.  She was stable, but the Doctors had not yet discovered what was causing her to stop breathing.  So everywhere we went, the large monitor went with us.  Among the hours of care giving that was required for our new baby, I was homeschooling 5, as well as giving service in my community and church.  I really didn’t notice the signs of stress, and buried emotions I was exhibiting, such as impatience, short temper, and weight gain.

I never had a clue that I was falling short of taking care of of the one person who needed just as much support and attention as everyone else….ME!   I thought I could handle anything; that is, until the day I reacted in a way I never had before after receiving an apology note from my oldest daughter.  We had a small disagreement.  Here way of mending our relationship was to write me an apology letter expressing that she was sorry.  She would always leave them in my bedroom where I would find them.

This day was different though, I couldn’t take one more thing, I was done!   When I came upon the envelope she had left for me, the thoughts that came flooding through the gates of my mind were, “I am finished doing this same routine,” and I threw it away unopened.

Six months later, our daughter was taken in a car accident.

She was 17 years old.  I wished I had that letter!

Being consumed in grief, I could no longer hide from my emotions.  It was either sink or swim, that is when I chose to swim.

The Saying Goes…

“An Ounce of Prevention is WORTH a Pound of Cure.”

I experienced my first anxiety attack the morning of 911.  While everyone else was watching the horrific sights coming across the TV screen, I was in panic just trying to breath.  I never even knew what had happened until later that day.

By that time the message rang loud and clear, if I was to be the mom/wife that I wanted to be, then it was time to take care of not only my physical body, but my ability to handle and manage stress.  Being guided by the Spirit and my training as a Rapid Eye technician, I began to focus more careful attention to the thoughts that I created and held within my mind.  EVERYTHING starts with a thought, and I was ready to go from the teacher, to the student, and utilize my own training.

Positive Motivation by Design

Life is too short to get caught up in the muck, to hold yourself back from sharing your gifts and talents.  It is for this reason that I have chosen to write a blog. To share what I have learned, as well as others, in regard to being more active in our own health and well-being.

I expanded my education to become a certified Personal Trainer through Cooper Institute in Dallas Texas; and obtained training in a therapy known as Sand Tray.

I was raising my voice against the affects of stress and anxiety, seeking to Inspire others to go forward with their dreams.

Our daughter, who left too early for our Heavenly, home loved to sing and dance.  She was honored to perform daily on the Jim Stafford stage in Branson, Missouri.   She had a gift that he wanted to expose to the world.  Yet, because she struggled with O.C.D; her stress and anxiety became a daily battle threatening her health and ability to sing.

We all have a need to be Creative, to Imagine, and to be Encouraged.  I don’t believe that we are here to “just get through”.  We each have so much power and potential to create good in this world.  Yes, dreams change, but ones Zest for Life and Vitality to make a difference does not need to.

I believe God guides our dreams to something bigger than we could even imagine. These quotes inspire me, even though I am not familiar with their original author…. “She decided to start living the life she’d imagined”, and “Be the Change You want to See in the World”.  Words that can fuel ones outlook daily.

Stress-FREE Zone – Creative ways to health and an organized life.

Stress is a major contributor to weight gain.  To be successful in lowering body fat as one ages, links to ones ability to create a personal stress-free environment within as well as without. I will offer tips and ideas for creating a thriving environment.

A few more things to share about myself:

  • My training began 22 years ago in Emotional Freedom Technique.
  • I went on to be certified as a Personal Fitness trainer from the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, TX.
  • I have been certified as a Master Rapid Eye Technician,
  • I have been trained in Reflexology and I am a Sand Tray practitioner.
  • I LOVE Rootbeer Floats, french fries, and all kinds of Tex Mex.
  • I would jump at the chance to walk along the beach, or go for a hike in the mountains.
  • I love everything that sparkles
  • I have a degree in Interior Design, I enjoy painting, and working with paper and crafts.
  • Mid-life has hit, and that “girly figure” is quickly going south….so I am courageously working out.
  • I am a firm believer in being YOUR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL